I was commissioned by Republica AG to create both an animation and a still image for a campaign on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the shopping center Westside.  

On this project, I had the opportunity to propose both the elements and the actions happening in the animation, respecting the concept and the guidelines given in the briefing. The set brings real elements together with other objects created on paper for reasons of lightness and aesthetics
Westside 10th Anniversary
A light aircraft made of paper flies over a cake with the message "Happy Westside to You", like the commercial ads on the beach. The candy and confetti move around the set while the candles are burning. 

We had two types of plane, a model airplane scale, and a handmade paper light aircraft, but we opted for the second option due to the weight and the appearance of all the elements combined. The banner is also made of paper so it could be animated easily. 
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