Stories by Xenia is a stop-motion animation created to promote a mystery game in which players must discover the suspect in a murder. The game's unique mechanics revolve around a dossier full of cryptic clues that players receive via traditional mail. This tangible element is complemented by a dynamic online platform that provides a comprehensive repository of case-related information. On this platform, players can engage in a variety of activities, such as sending emails and receiving phone calls, all with the ultimate goal of solving the case.​​​​​​​

5 weeks
Agueda Peña: Creative Direction, Set Design, Stop-Motion and Postproduction
Cé Marina: Art Direction and Illustration
Ivo Santos: Sound design and Music

The client commissioned an animation that would briefly describe the story of the game and generate interest. To achieve this, I proposed an opening scene featuring a murder and the iconic Vienna cityscape, strategically designed to quickly engage the audience and establish a contextual foundation. Subsequent scenes seamlessly introduce the investigation department, key characters including the inspector and suspects, and the game's central elements - the dossier and the online platform.

The entire animation was meticulously handcrafted on paper, with the exception of the tangible in-game elements delivered to players via postal mail. My collaborator, Ce Marina, assumed the role of art director and masterfully illustrated the scenes and intricate sets. In parallel, the sound design and musical composition were skillfully orchestrated by Ivo Santos, adding depth and atmosphere to the entire animation. 
Illustration of Vienna and a girl
Illustration of an inspector and a police car
Paper set of Vienna
Paper set of a police station and car
The majority of the scenes were brought to life through captivating stop-motion animation. However, for the dynamic interactive segments within the online platform, I employed a montage technique that seamlessly integrated various frames to achieve a smoother and more fluid representation of user interaction.​​​​​​​
Paper set of Soko Unverguessen office
Paper girls and Ce Marina
Paper set of Vienna
Paper Set of the police office
At the client's request, the initial duration of the animation was extended to provide a comprehensive showcase of the various sections within the online platform. As a result, the animation now spans a duration of one minute deviating from the typical short clip ad format.

In addition to creating the animation, I also created a compelling packaging image for use on various social media and e-commerce platforms. This image presents a clean and minimalist flat composition, showcasing the contents of the dossier and a glimpse of the online platform, effectively capturing the essence of the game's intrigue and interactivity.​​​​​​​
Stories by Xenia commercial flat lay
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