Stories by Xenia is a mystery game in which players must discover the suspect of a murder. 
The game consists of a dossier with clues that the player receives by post, and an online platform where they can access information about the case, send emails, receive calls, etc., to solve the case.

The client commissioned an animation that would briefly describe the story of the game and generate interest. To do so, I proposed to introduce the murder and the buildings of Vienna in the first scene, in order to quickly capture the viewer's attention and place them in context. The following scenes present the department in charge of the case and also introduce the inspector and the suspects, as well as the dossier and the online platform.

The entire animation was made on paper, except for the elements of the game that the player receives by post. My partner, Ce Marina, was in charge of the art direction and illustration of the scenes and sets. The sound design and music composition were made by Ivo Santos. 

Most of the scenes are animated in stop motion, except for the interaction part of the online platform, where I made a montage over the frame so that the interaction would be shown in a more fluid way.

The initial duration of the animation was extended by request of the client to show the different sections of the online platform and has a duration of one minute.

The Team
Ce Marina: AD and Illustration
Ivo Santos: Sound design and Music.
Agueda Peña: CD, Storytelling, Papercraft, Stop Motion, and Postproduction.

Apart from the animation, I also made a packaging image for social media and shopping platforms. The image is a simple flat lay where you can see the documents contained in the dossier, as well as the online platform. 
Stories by Xenia
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