I was commissioned by Merz Schweiz to create a series of images and clips for their wellness brand T:by tetesept. The project consists of a line of bath gels, one of bath salts, and two liquid soaps. In the first series, I made the set with paper art, and for the bath salts, I recreated a bath atmosphere with foam and water drops. ​​​​​​​
Hallo Schönheit
Hallo Schönheit combines papercraft techniques in two and three dimensions. As can be appreciated, the grenades were made in two dimensions combining layers of paper, and the magnolias in the center of the image were made in three dimensions.

To make the elements in two dimensions, I combined layers between the sheets of paper, creating shadows and a greater depth in the image.  In the rest of the images of this series, the ingredients of the product are highlighted by repeating the elements and creating a two and three-dimension pattern.
Hallo Glückstag
Hallo Happiness
Hallo Streichelhaut
The last two images made with paper correspond to liquid soaps. In both, the product is standing and surrounded by the ingredients in three dimensions. I chose smooth backgrounds so the product and the elements on paper are highlighted.  
Eine Handvoll by tetesept
Eine Handvoll by tetesept
The following stop-motion animations were made for a campaign of  Valentine's and Mother's Day. In the first animation, a total of twenty-three hearts draw a large heart, aiming to simulate the heart-beats.
In the bath salts series, I recreated a bathroom environment combining matte colored adhesive, and glycerin spray diluted with water and foam. Also, since the salts are powder, I created a design with them that would convey the message of the product: Liebe is love in German, Glück means luck... and so on.
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