I was commissioned by Merz Schweiz to create a series of images and clips for their wellness brand T:by tetesept. This project consisted of a line of bath gels, a line of bath salts, and two liquid soaps. For the first series, I created a set using paper, and for the bath salts, a serene bathing atmosphere using foam and water drops.
Hallo Schönheit
Hallo Schönheit seamlessly melds papercraft techniques in both two and three dimensions. The grenades were crafted in two dimensions, while the central magnolias bloom in striking three-dimensional form.

For the two-dimensional elements, I layered sheets of paper to produce shadows and enhance the image's depth. In the remaining images within this series, I emphasized the product's ingredients by repeating elements, crafting a visually engaging pattern that seamlessly combines both two and three dimensions.
Hallo Glückstag
Hallo Happiness
Hallo Streichelhaut
The last two paper-crafted images feature liquid soaps, with the product surrounded by three-dimensional ingredients. I chose simple backgrounds to emphasise the product and paper elements.
Eine Handvoll by tetesept
Eine Handvoll by tetesept
The following stop-motion animations were created as part of a campaign for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. In the first animation, twenty-three hearts join together to form a larger heart, evoking the sensation of a heartbeat.
For the bath salts series, I skillfully recreated a bathroom setting by blending matte-colored adhesive with a diluted glycerin spray and foam. Additionally, considering the powdered nature of the salts, I designed a layout using them to effectively convey the product's message: "Liebe" for love in German, "Glück" for luck, and so forth.
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