Product Photography

A series of images featuring selected models of Swatch's 2015-17 collections.
Swatch Moitié-Moitié
Moitié-Moitié, one of the Swatch's most original. A fondue model with a black fork-shaped and a silhouette without numbers that allows us to distinguish a pot of fondue.
Swatch Maglietta
The design of this Swatch is inspired by the Beach-Style à la Biarritz. The set design on this image transports us into a beach reinforcing the design of the watch. 
Swatch Cross the Path
The Cross The Path model illustrates the city-style. On this image, the lines, and the elements were designed to attract the attention of the viewer and also to match the vivid design of the watch.  
Swatch À Coté
Inspired by pop-art, À Coté is featured in colors and circles inspired by this model.
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