This project is a stop-motion animation clip created for the third edition of the LB Talks festival, which was used to alternate between speakers during the event. 

LB Talks is a non-profit organisation, a living community working for the development of lesbian and bisexual women, with the intention of promoting an egalitarian and free society. They organise an annual event and bring together professional women from different sectors with the aim of creating synergies, increasing their visibility in under-represented environments, and supporting the collective.  

1 week
Agueda Peña: Creative Direction, Set Design, Stop-Motion and Postproduction
Cé Marina: Art Direction and Illustration


For the 2022 edition centered around the tech sector, our aim was to capture a futuristic and minimalist aesthetic that seamlessly aligned with the theme. The text was crafted on paper, animated frame by frame, and the narrative action reinforces the image of a transgressive and non-conformist brand, through the rupture of the paper.


We submitted two proposals to the festival. In the first, the letters were raised to form the name of the edition, and in the second, the typography appeared torn. The second option had a more rugged appearance, so they ultimately chose the first proposal. The sketches below represent the final animation proposal we developed.​​​​​​​
LB Talks 2022 Illustration Proposal by Ce Marina
LB Talks 2022 Illustration Proposal by Ce Marina
The following image shows the paper we used for the animation. The surface is glossy and has a glitter effect which, together with the studio lighting, gave it a futuristic touch. 
Paper Letters of LB Talks
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